Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee of Evolutionary and Theoretical Biology
Institute of Environmental Sciences,
Jagiellonian University
Faculty of Biology,
Warsaw University

48th Workshop on Evolutionary Biology and Related Topics
Year of
Darwin Session

Warsaw, Saturday 16th of May 2009

Workshop organiser: Jacek Radwan, Jagiellonian University


10:30 Opening
10:40 Francisco Ayala “Darwin’s revolution: from natural theology to natural selection”
11:40 Jerzy Dzik “The time dimension of evolution”
12:25 Jan Kozłowski “Explaining diversity of life histories”
Lunch break with the promotion of the 1st Polish Edition of Ayala’s ‘Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion’,
14:30 Francisco Ayala: “Evolutionary origin of malaria”

15:30 Grażyna Jasieńska “Evolutionary ecology of human reproduction”
16:15 Jacek M. Szymura “Speciation without barriers”