50th Workshop of Evolutionary Biology

Committee of Evolutionary and Theoretical Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Jagiellonian University

12 -14 February 2010

Field station of the Jagiellonian University, Ochotnica Gorna, Poland


Invited speakers:

  • Mariusz Cichoń and Joanna Rutkowska

Genetic and environmental determinants of immune function

  • Paweł Koteja

Experimental evolution: making evolutionary biology a hard science

  • Jacek Radwan

Evolutionary transcriptomics



  • Wiesław Babik

Quick development of molecular markers for ecology and phylogeography with next generation sequencing

  • Adam Dubicki ,Grzywacz A., Gutowski J., Wojciechowski M.S.

Air humidity in metabolic chamber does not affect metabolic rate of common frogs and bank voles

  • Magdalena Herdegen, Aneta Arct, Joanna Rutkowska

Kin recognition as a mechanism of inbreeding avoidance in zebra finches

  • Łukasz Kajtoch

Occurrence of Wolbachia in central European weevils: correlations with host systematics, ecology and biology

  • Justyna Kubacka, Joanna Rutkowska and Mariusz Cichoń

Effects of immune challenge on song production in the zebra finch

  • Krystyna Nadachowska

Evolutionary history of two European newts: Lissotriton vulgaris and L. montandoni

  • Agata Pelsnar

Sexual selection and the rate of adaptation to a new environment

  • Zofia Maria Prokop

Male attractiveness and offspring fitness – a meta-analysis

  • Marta Promerová

MHC class I genes and extra-pair mating in the Scarlet rosefinch

  • Edyta T. Sadowska and Pawel Koteja

Metabolic performance in the small rodent Myodes glareolus from isolated island populations and populations subject to urban pollution

  • Ewa B. Śliwińska, Olga Novikova, Piotr Nowicki, Michał Woyciechowski

Phylogeographic pattern of myrmecophilous butterfly Maculinea teleius (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

  • Marc Stift

Mutational load linked to a locus under balancing selection?

  • Michał Stuglik, Wiesław Babik, Jacek Radwan

Investigating molecular basis of response to selection in the bank vole with next generation sequencing

  • Dariusz Wiejaczka, Anna Dubiec, Szymon Drobniak, Aneta Arct, Lars Gustafsson, Mariusz Cichoń

Breast plumage coloration reflects reproductive quality in Blue Tit females

  • Leszek Pryszcz, Jaime Huerta-Cepas, and Toni Gabaldon

Meta-Orthology: orthology and paralogy predictions from multiple phylogenetic evidence using a consistency-based confidence score




10:00 a.m – departure from the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Gronostajowa 7

11:00 a.m. - departure from the railway station, parking place above the platforms

3:00 p.m. – dinner at Ochotnica field station

4:00 p.m. (approximately) – presentations (starts with prof. Jacek Radwan talk)


9:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. – half-day trip (snowshoes and cross country ski, prepare your self for a lot of snow!)

3:00 p.m - dinner at Ochotnica field station

4:00 p.m. (approximately) – presentations (starts with prof. Mariusz Cichon talk)


9:00 a.m. (approximately, depends on how many talks will be left for Sunday) presentations (starts with prof. Pawel Koteja talk)

2:00 p.m - dinner at Ochotnica field station

4:00 p.m. (approximately) - departure


Organising Committee:

Krystyna Nadachowska (chief)

Magdalena Zagalska-Neubauer

Magdalena Jarzebowska